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Modeling the impact of RMPs on recycling characteristics at the DIII-D tokamak

Author: Heinke G. Frerichs
Requested Type: Poster Only
Submitted: 2014-05-30 08:52:04

Co-authors: O. Schmitz, D. Reiter, T.E. Evans, Y. Feng, N.M. Ferraro

Contact Info:
UW Madison, Engineering Physics
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI   53706

Abstract Text:
Modelling of the impact of resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) on the plasma edge is a key topic for the analysis of present experiments and the design of future magnetic fusion reactors.
In particular since the recent success of RMPs to control edge localized instabilities (ELMs), they are considered to be essential for the successful operation of the next step fusion device ITER.

One approach to the investigation of RMP effects is given by the EMC3-EIRENE code: a three-dimensional transport solver for the edge plasma interacting with neutral gas.
The geometric setup in the code is flexible enough to allow complex magnetic field structures including short magnetic flux tubes as well as chaotic regions with long wall-to-wall field line connection length.

The impact of RMPs on recycling characteristics is investigated numerically at the DIII-D tokamak.
Although the EMC3-EIRENE code is applied to non-axisymmetric tokamak and stellarator configurations on a routinely basis, there are several issues related to the plasma physics model and related to the numerical treatment.
The majority of the simulations that have been performed in the past are based on the so-called vacuum-approach (i.e. a superposition of the vacuum RMP field and the underlying magnetic equilibrium).
Recent estimates to include a plasma response are discussed in the present contribution.
Another issue is related to the numerical stability of the self-consistent edge plasma solution.
An analysis of the iterative approximation method is given and generic features such as bifurcations and oscillations are discussed within a generic two-point model.

Characterization: 3.0


Workshop on Exploratory Topics in Plasma and Fusion Research (EPR) and US-Japan Compact Torus (CT) Workshop
August 5-8, 2014
Madison, Wisconsin

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