August 1-4

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Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Akcay, Cihan A Brief History of the Electrostatically Driven Helical Plasma State at Tibbar Plasma Technologies 3 Tibbar Plasma Technologies Incorporated
Bellan, Paul M. Hard X-rays observed associated with magnetic reconnection of the collisional plasma jet produced by a coaxial magnetized plasma gun (spheromak gun) 1 Caltech
Belova, Elena 3D hybrid simulations of spheromak merging [none] PPPL
Benedett, Thomas E Validation and Continued Development of Methods for Spheromak Simulation [none] University of Washington
Bonofiglo, Phillip J Fast Ion Transport in the Three-Dimensional Reversed Field Pinch 1 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Bourque, Robert F. Methane Targets for Inertial Fusion 1 retired
Boyle, Dennis P Analysis of low recycling discharges with improved confinement and a hot edge in the Lithium Tokamak Experiment [none] PPPL
Brennan, D. P. Resistive MHD stable windows of SPECTOR compression experiments with shaft current control 1 Princeton University / PPPL
Byonghoon, Seo Investigation of magnetized target fusion adiabatic compression and heating using collision of an MHD-driven jet with a target cloud 1 Caltech
Chijin, Xiao Compact Torus Injection experiments on the STOR-M Tokamak 1 University of Saskatchewan
Ebrahimi, Fatima Three-dimensional plasmoid-mediated reconnection in tokamaks 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory-Princeton Univ
Elliott, Drew B The ChERS Diagnostic and Neutral Beam Upgrade on the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Everson, Chris J. Progress on HIT-SI3 electron density and temperature measurements using FIR interferometry and Thomson Scattering 1 University of Washington
Finn, John M. Properties of the electrostatically driven helical plasma state 1 Tibbar Plasma Technologies Incorporated
Forest, Cary B. A High Field GDT Neutron Factory for Academic and Industrial Applications [none] UW Madison
Fulton, Daniel P Development of a First-Principles Simulation Model of Turbulent Transport in Field-Reversed Configuration Plasmas 2 Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Gota, Hiroshi C-2U and C-2W Field-Reversed Configuration Experiments 1 Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Hansen, Chris J Reconstruction of axisymmetric plasma equilibria with 3D eddy currents 1 University of Washington
Hicks, Nathaniel K Trapping Quasi-neutral Plasma with RF Multipole Structures 1 University of Alaska Anchorage
Hooper, E. Bickford Coinjection of helicity and plasma into a tokamak [none] Woodruff Scientific Inc.
Horton, Wendell Neutron Source Test Facility 1 University of Texas at Austin
Hossack, Aaron C. Sustainment of stable spheromaks and recent results from HIT-SI3 1 University of Washington
Howard, Stephen Physics objectives of PI3 spherical tokamak program 2 General Fusion
Ji, Jeong-Young Electron parallel transport for arbitrary collisionality [none] Utah State University
Kaur, Manjit Magnetothermodynamics of fusion targets 1 Swarthmore College
Kim, Jungha Anisotropic and asymmetric fast ion distribution generated by magnetic reconnection in MST plasmas [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Laberge, Michel G Plasma compression experiments at General Fusion 2 General Fusion Inc.
Laqua, Heinrich P The first operation phase of the Wendelstein7-X stellarator and its near future scientific program 1 Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
Laqua, Heinrich P The first operation phase of the Wendelstein7-X stellarator and its near future scientific program [none] Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
Levesque, Jeffrey P. Scrape-off-layer current measurements during MHD activity and disruptions in HBT-EP [none] Columbia University
Majeski, Richard Progress on LTX-β 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Mclean, Harry A Reactor Development Scenario for the FUZE Shear-flow Stabilized Z-pinch 1 Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab
Micozzi, Paolo Obtainment of the Phase1 full performances in PROTO-SPHERA and future perspectives of the experiment 1 ENEA
Morgan, Kyle D. Results of zero and finite beta simulations of the HIT-SI3 experiment using the NIMROD code 1 University of Washington
Nelson, Brian Progress on Scaling the Sheared-Flow Stabilized Z-Pinch: The Fusion Z-Pinch Experiment "FuZE" [none] University of Washington
Norval, Ryan J Synthetic Camera Diagnostics for Edge Measurements in MST [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
O'Shea, Peter Passive MHD Spectroscopy For Augmenting Magnetic Reconstructions on Spherical Tokamak Plasmas at General Fusion 1 General Fusion
Penna, James M NIMROD study of manifold-driven Steady Inductive Helicity Injection and mode control on HIT Devices 1 University of Washington
Perry, Justin M Non-solenoidal Tokamak Startup and Near-Unity Toroidal Beta Using High-Field-Side Local Helicity Injection on the Pegasus ST 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Reynolds, Meritt MHD simulation of plasma compression experiments 2 General Fusion
Rowan, William L. The Helimak SMT as a testbed for study of turbulence properties, turbulence prediction and turbulence control 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Sekiguchi, Junichi Observation of shock wave in an FRC plasma translated at super-Alfvénic velocity [none] Nihon University
Seltzman, Andrew H Observation of Electron Bernstein Wave Heating in the RFP 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sutherland, Derek A Compact, spheromak-based pilot plants for the demonstration of net-gain fusion power 1 University of Washington
Weber, Thomas E Laboratory stagnation of supersonic magnetized plasma flows [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
William, Young C. Temperature Measurements in Compressed and Uncompressed SPECTOR Plasmas at General Fusion 2 General Fusion
Xing, Zichuan A Ion energy balance in enhanced-confinement reversed-field pinch plasmas 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison