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ji_poster.pdf2006-03-08 15:58:23Hantao Ji

Recent Advances in the SPIRIT (Self-organization Plasma with Induction, Reconnection, and Injection Techniques) Concept

Author: Hantao Ji
Submitted: 2005-12-21 16:28:19

Co-authors: M. Yamada, S.P. Gerhardt, E. Belova, M. Inomoto*, and Y. Ono**

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Since its conception at the ICC 1997 meeting [1], the SPIRIT concept has been continuously advanced both theoretically and experimentally. The main features of this concept are: (1) formation of Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) plasmas with large flux (50 mWb) by merging two spheromaks with opposite helicities, made by the flux core induction scheme; (2) flexibility to assess the stability characteristics of FRC plasmas by varying plasma shape and kinetic parameter S, by using passive stabilizers, and by injecting energetic ions; (3) sustainment of the FRC for a time significantly longer (1-10 msec) than the energy confinement time using a center stack ohmic-heating (OH) transformer and/or neutral beam injection. Experiments [2] carried out in TS-3/4 and SSX and more recently in MRX have further verified the effectiveness of the formation scheme for large-flux FRCs. An improved understanding [3] of FRC stability over plasma shape and kinetic parameter has been obtained in MRX and TS-3/4. New numerical simulations [4] showed that FRC plasmas can be globally stabilized and continuously sustained by injecting energetic ions. All these new advances of the SPIRIT concept will be summarized, and near-future activities will be discussed.

[1] M. Yamada, H. Ji, and P. Heitzenroeder, “MRX-CT Experiment, Study of Compact Toroids Formed by Induction and Merging�, Proc. ICC, “Innovative Approaches to Fusion Energy� Pleasanton, Calif. Oct. (1997).
[2] Y. Ono and M. Inomoto, Phys. Plasmas 7, 1863 (2000); C. Cothran, et al., Phys. Plasmas 10, 1748 (2003)
[3] S. P. Gerhardt et al., “Equilibrium and stability of oblate free-boundary FRCs in MRX�, this meeting.
[4] E. Belova et al., “Effects of Energetic Beam Ions on Stability Properties of Field Reversed Configurations“, this meeting.

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February 13-16, 2006
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