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woodrufficc2006ipa.pdf2006-02-26 17:02:49Simon Woodruff

Physics of formation, accleration, merging and compression of field reversed configurations

Author: Simon Woodruff
Submitted: 2005-12-21 17:59:18

Co-authors: J. Slough, T. Ziemba, R. Milroy

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University of Washington
205 Guggenheim
Seattle, WA   98195

Abstract Text:
The aim of the Inductive Plasmoid Accelerator (IPA), a new magnetized target fusion experiment at the University of Washington, is to form two field reversed configurations (frcs) and accelerate them into an interaction chamber in which they will reconnect, heat, and undergo a compression driven by an external coil. The IPA offers the opportunity to study magnetic reconnection under highly energetic conditions (KE>Wmag~Etherm), with variable directional energy. The aim is to compress the reconnected frc with a liner driven by a fast magnetic coil. This paper outlines the physics of frc formation, acceleration, reconnection, and compression expected to be encountered in this experiment and outlines the diagnostic plan. Success in this experiment depends strongly on the timing issues, obtaining consistent breakdown and frc mass: the system being installed to address timing will be shown in outline. The experiment will be constructed over the next year and should be operational by fall.

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February 13-16, 2006
Austin, Texas

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