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An attempt to replicate Taleyarkhan et alobservations of nuclear emission from acoustic cavitation in deuterated acetone

Author: D. Felip Gaitan
Submitted: 2005-12-21 06:58:30

Co-authors: Ross A. Tessien

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Impulse Devices, Inc.
13366 Grass Valley Av. Unit H
Grass Valley, CA   95945

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Published evidence for thermonuclear fusionreactions during neutron-generated
acoustic cavitation in deuterated acetone (Science 295, p.1868 (8 March 2002),
PRE 69, p. 036109 (2004),Nuc. Eng. and Design 235, p. 1317-1324 (2005)) has
sparked heated debate over the possibility of a simple, inexpensive, inertial
confinement approach to fusion. The technique consists of irradiating the chilled
(0C to -10C),degassed acetone in a cylindrical, resonatingchamber with fast
neutrons in order to trigger transient cavitation events, which are expanding and
collapsing bubble clouds that last for about 5 ms (approx. 100 acoustic cycles)
and, according to Taleyarkhan et al, emit neutrons in bursts synchronized with
the sound field. To date, however, no truly independent verification of these
results has been done (the 2005 results were obtained using the acoustic
apparatus supplied by the authors of the 2002 and 2004 experiments). As of the
submission date of this abstract (Dec 2005), we have replicated the apparatus
used by Taleyarkhan et al as per his specifications, but have not yet observed
any neutrons generated by acoustic cavitation. We have, however, characterized
the apparatus in terms of the acoustical parameters including cylindrical
standing-wave modes, acoustic pressure threshold, and sonoluminescence emission
from neutron-generated cavitation in deuterated acetone. In addition to this
characterization, we will present images of the cavitation bubble cloud using
high-speed video imaging, demonstrating how the bubble cloud dynamics depend on
the external parameters.

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