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Magnetic Waffle-Ball Assisted IEC Fusion

Submitted: 2005-12-26 14:06:41

Co-authors: G. H. Miley

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Champaign, IL   61801

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“Magnetic Waffle-Ball� ( a spherical field null region surrounded by a magnetic field ) is produced by an external solenoid and an anti-parallel internal pair of Helmholtz coils, which is adjusted so as to give a null magnetic-field at the center. Charged particles including fusion products from IEC fusion or inertial fusion in the field null region can be separated from the internal coils as well as the vacuum chamber and collimated along the solenoid magnetic field, protecting these from ion bombardment. The unit is smoothly connected to a direct energy converter. By adding a set of drain mirror coils, confinement of low energy fusion fuel ions and electrons in the spherical field-null region are improved appreciably and particles that are located to the small drains and have velocity directed nearly to the axis can be escape through the drain of a fusion unit. Since the magnetic moment of a low energy charged particle is uncorrelated at every passage of the field-null region, small units can be connected easily to obtain higher confinement ( N〜N2). On the other hand, high-energy fusion products are easy to escape the fusion unit. Therefore the connected fusion unit seems quite suited to advanced fuel fusion such as D-3He,

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