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2006icc.pdf2006-02-18 12:09:23Hernan Quevedo

Asymmetry, potential penetration and supersonic speeds in MBX Experiment at High Voltage and medium Power.

Author: Hernan J. Quevedo
Submitted: 2006-02-04 16:44:13

Co-authors: P.M. Valanju, R.D. Bengtson

Contact Info:
Fusion Research Center-The University of Texas at
2511 Speedway St, RLM 12.204
Austin, TX   78712

Abstract Text:
In MBX, a small mirror machine with a radial electric field creates a rotating plasma that is expected to evolve, under certain conditions, into a self-organizing, detached toroidal plasma ring, a magnetofluid state.
In the present stage of the experiment a low density plasma generated by microwaves (1 kW at 2.54 GHz) has been successfully rotated at supersonic speeds using a high potential, 1kV-80mF, capacitor bank with currents ~ 10 amps.
The goals of the present phase were to:
1) Study the high asymmetry between electrode polarities at high potentials.
2) Compare the penetration of the electric field with different electrodes configurations to maximize plasma rotation.
3) Study the role of the electrode sheath and nonequipotential magnetic lines in overall potential penetration.
4) Raise the plasma density through ionization from rotational motion.
Data about these goals will be presented. Plasma measurements involve Langmuir, Mach and floating probes, photodiodes, CCD camera and spectrometry at the center plane.

Characterization: C,E3


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February 13-16, 2006
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