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A Novel Method of Transport Barrier Formation

Author: Sudip Sen
Submitted: 2005-12-21 07:46:33


Contact Info:
Kyoto University
Nuclear Engineering Department
Kyoto, Kyoto   606-850

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A novel technique is proposed for creating transport barriers by
the rf waves and parallel flow. On one hand, it is shown that the
transport barriers can be created by the rf induced ponderomotive
force itself and `NO' rf induced flow shear generation is
necessary. On the other hand, it is independently shown that the
parallel flow, contrary to the usual belief, can create transport
barrier through the flow curvature. It is demonstrated that the
ponderomotive force of the rf waves and parallel flow can
stabilize the ion temperature gradient (ITG) mode, considered
nowadays as the dominant source of anomalous energy losses in the
low confinement (L) mode. It is also shown that this stabilization
can be achieved for rather modest values of the rf and NBI power
and hence should be easily achieved in actual experiments. Part of
the theory is verified on the STOR-M tokamak in Canada [S. Sen et
al., Physical Review Letter, v88, 185001 (2002)]

Designation: Associate Professor

Characterization: A3,A5


The University of Texas at Austin

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 13-16, 2006
Austin, Texas

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