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Experiments and plans using lithium coatings on plasma-facing components in NSTX

Author: Henry W. Kugel
Submitted: 2005-12-21 12:05:31

Co-authors: H. Kugel, W. Blanchard, J. Dong, L. Dudek, R. Gernhardt, L. Guttadora, T. Holoman, S. Jurczynski, R. Kaita, G. Labik, R. Majeski, D. Mansfield, T. Provost, L. Roquemore, H. Schneider, P. Sichta, J. Timberlake

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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
PPPL, P. O. Box 451
Princeton, NJ   08543-0

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Studies of the effects of lithium coatings on plasma-facing components (PFC’s) have begun on the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX). Using a lithium pellet injector, a partial lithium coating on carbon PFC’s has been demonstrated to provide strong edge pumping, resulting in a reduction of recycling. These experiments were the first step in the three-phased approach to lithium PFC’s in NSTX. According to the 5-Year Plan, lithium pellet injection will be followed by lithium evaporation as a means of coating PFC’s. This second phase is about to begin, with the NSTX Experimental Schedule calling for the capability to perform routine Thick Lithium Coating depositions over a significant fraction of the plasma facing surfaces early in the 2006 experimental campaign. These experiments extend the work done in CDX-U on the effect of lithium coatings on high-Z surfaces to a larger scale device with a carbon wall. Lithium is chemically active on carbon, so the NSTX experiments will yield new information on the recycling properties of the lithium-carbon system. The results of these experiments will influence the decision to implement the third phase, which is a liquid lithium divertor. The status and plans for these elements of lithium PFC research on NSTX will be described.

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