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aydemir_icc2006.pdf2006-02-21 09:35:25Ahmet Aydemir

Nonlinear stability of rotating plasmas in a mirror geometry

Author: Ahmet Y. Aydemir
Submitted: 2005-12-21 12:13:55


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Institute for Fusion Studies
The University of Texas at Aus
Austin, TX   78712

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In a previous work, we studied the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equilibrium and stability of a mirror plasma in which an externally applied radial electric field drives a strong azimuthal rotation$^1$. Although the interchange-stabilization through flow-shear$^2$ was confirmed, centrifugally confined ``detached states'' obtained in this geometry were found to be linearly unstable to a wide range of other fluid modes driven by the rotation itself. These negative linear stability results left open the question of whether these modes would be nonlinearly stabilized at modest amplitudes or have catastrophic consequences. The goal of this present work is to follow the nonlinear evolution of some of these modes and determine their effect on confinement in this geometry.

item[$^1$] A. Y. Aydemir, Phys. Plasmas {bf 11}, 5065 (2004).\[0.0in]
item[$^2$] Yi-Min Huang and A. B. Hassam, Phys. Rev. Lett. {bf 87}, 235002-1 (2001).

Characterization: C,E3


The University of Texas at Austin

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 13-16, 2006
Austin, Texas

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