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Neutral Profile & Momentum Confinement on MCX

Author: Ryan Clary
Requested Type: Poster Only
Submitted: 2006-12-19 10:16:12

Co-authors: R. Ellis, R. Elton, A. Hassam, R. Lunsford, S.-W. Ng, C. Teodorescu

Contact Info:
University of Maryland
Bldg. 223 Paint Branch Dr.
College Park, MD   20742-3
United States

Abstract Text:
H$_{alpha}$ detectors comprised of photodiodes and interference filters have been employed by the Maryland Centrifugal eXperiment (MCX) to characterize transitions between discharge modes and estimate neutral hydrogen density with 2~$mu$s time resolution. We are currently implementing a multi-chord array of these detectors to determine H$_{alpha}$ emission at the midplane as a function of radius. These measurements will be compared to recent H$_{alpha}$ emission profile measurements employing high resolution spectroscopy in the near future. Using approximate electron temperatures and average electron densities as well as Abel inversion techniques, neutral density profiles are determined and compared to existing theoretical models. The neutral profiles will be used to calculate volume averaged momentum confinement times due to ion neutral collisions and these will be compared with those directly measured from circuit analysis.

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University of Maryland

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 12-14, 2007
College Park, Maryland

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