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icc07_majeski.pdf2007-04-05 10:23:56Dick Majeski

Review of lithium wall experiments on CDX-U and progress on LTX*

Author: Dick Majeski
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Submitted: 2006-12-14 10:36:20

Co-authors: T. Gray, R. Kaita, H. Kugel, T. Kozub, D. Mansfield, J. Spaleta, J. Timberlake, L. Zakharov, PPPL, V. Soukhanovskii, LLNL, R. Maingi, ORNL, R. Doerner, UCSD

Contact Info:
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
P.O. Box 451
Princeton, NJ   08543

Abstract Text:
We summarize the results of five years of experiments in CDX-U with lithium systems, from experiments with a localized rail limiter covered with a 300 square cm lithium-wet mesh, to experiments with a 2000 square cm liquid lithium filled tray, to the final set of experiments which utilized a liquid lithium tray, in combination with aggressive e-beam generated solid lithium wall coatings. We find that the area of LIQUID lithium plasma-facing component is the most important factor determining plasma performance. Large areas of solid lithium wall coatings are not as effective. As a result, the low recycling discharges in CDX-U for which record confinement time enhancements were found [R. Majeski, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 075002-1 (2006)] do NOT represent the best level of performance obtained with lithium walls in CDX-U. Confinement times are not available for discharges with the best performance. Continued improvement in performance can therefore be expected for the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX), which will increase the liquid lithium plasma contacting area by 25× over the best-case CDX-U discharges. We also summarize progress towards the completion of LTX, which is scheduled to begin operation in FY07.
*Supported by US DOE contract #DE-AC02-76CH-03073

Characterization: A4,A5


University of Maryland

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 12-14, 2007
College Park, Maryland

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