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A European path to Fast Ignition Fusion Energy

Author: Mike Dunne
Requested Type: Consider for Invited
Submitted: 2006-12-18 08:01:52


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CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Building R1
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This presentation will discuss plans for a high power laser fusion energy facility within Europe. This proposal forms part of the recently published European strategic roadmap for future research Infrastructures. The case has been developed by senior scientists from 10 nations over the course of the past two years.

The proposal, called HiPER, is for a laser system that can provide sufficient evidence to justify a demonstrator reactor programme for inertial fusion energy, whilst supporting a broad base of high power laser interaction science.

The proposal is motivated by the likelihood of laser fusion ignition on NIF and LMJ at the turn of the decade and by recent developments in “Fast Ignition”, through which an order of magnitude reduction in facility scale is predicted for high gain. Although we are still in the phase of confirmatory experiments, Fast Ignition creates the impetus to initiate the design for a purely civilian research facility for laser fusion energy. Focused effort is needed over the next few years to take advantage of this new opportunity as it matures. Upcoming data from the LIL petawatt facility (PETAL), Vulcan, OMEGA-EP, FIREX and NIF will be used to ascertain whether there is sufficient evidence to allow construction to proceed, whilst providing data for the final specification of HiPER.

HiPER will require a robust network of laboratories and active development of the training, modelling and technological support needs of the international inertial fusion community. The project is designed to provide the focus for the required level of coordination and momentum.

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