Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Andreason, Samuel P. The Pulsed High Density Experiment: Initial Results from the Dynamic Formation of High Flux FRCs [none] University of Washington
Baver, Derek A. Centrifugal Effects on Local Mode Stability in an FRC 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bayliss, Adam B Nonlinear MHD simulation of DC helicity injection in spherical tokamaks [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Bellan, Paul M Tendency of MHD forces to create localized, collimated plasma-filled flux tubes and ion orbit instability in a flux tube 1 Caltech
Belova, Elena V. Hybrid simulations of rotational instabilities in FRCs [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Berkery, John W Confinement of Pure Electron Plasmas in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus 1 Columbia University
Betti, Riccardo Shock ignition of thermonuclear fuel with high areal densities 1 University of Rochester
Bogatu, Ioan N. Hyper-Velocity Dusty Plasma Jets for Disruption Mitigation 1 FAR-TECH, Inc.
Boxer, Alexander C. Density Profile Measurements in LDX [none] MIT
Brown, Mike Flow dynamics and plasma heating of spheromaks in SSX 1 Swarthmore College
Canik, John M. Reduced Neoclassical Particle and Heat Transport with Quasihelical Symmetry in HSX [none] HSX Plasma Laboratory, University of Wisconsin - M
Case, Andrew A Plasma Jet Accelerator for the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment 1 HyperV Technologies Corp.
Chacon, Luis Quasi-single helicity states in RFPs: studies of the mean field and of the flow [none] Los Alamos National laboratory
Choi, Seung H Magnetic diagnostics on the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment [none] University of Maryland-MCX
Clary, Ryan Neutral Profile & Momentum Confinement on MCX [none] University of Maryland
Cohen, Samuel A. RMFo-formed collisionless high-β plasmas: Yesterday, today and tomorrow [none] PPPL
Degnan, James H. Progress on compression of FRC’s [none] Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy Dir
Delzanno, Gian Luca On the effect of resistive diffusion on line-tied kink modes in cylindrical geometry [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dorf, Leonid A. Magnetic Design Calculation and FRC Formation Modeling for the Field Reversed Experiment - Liner [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dunne, Mike A European path to Fast Ignition Fusion Energy [none] CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Eidietis, Nicholas W Non-inductive startup using localized washer gun plasma sources on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment 2 University of Wisconsin
Ellsworth, Jennifer L. Overview of results from supported mode operation of the Levitated Dipole Experiment [none] MIT PSFC
Ennis, David A Current and Momentum Relaxation in the MST Reversed Field Pinch 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Erlandson, Alvin C. New Concepts for Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency of Solid-State Laser Drivers for Inertial Fusion Energy [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Finn, John M. Control of magnetohydrodynamic modes in RFPs with a resistive wall above the wall stabilization limit [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Forest, Cary B nset and saturation of the kink instabilities in a current carrying, line-tied plasma surrounded by a resistive shell [none] University of Wisconsin, Madison
Fuelling, Stephan Plasma Generation by MG Fields from 1 MA Current Through a Machined Load* [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Gangadhara, Sanjay Generation and confinement of hot thermal ions through the manipulation of magnetic reconnection 1 University of Wisconsin, Madison & Center for Magn
Garnier, Darren T. Levitation in LDX [none] Columbia University
Garstka, Gregory D. Attainment of High Normalized Current by J(r) Manipulation in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Golingo, Raymond P. Temperature Measurements on the ZaP Experiment 1 University of Washington
Gotchev, Orlin V Magneto Inertial Implosion Experiments on the OMEGA Laser 1 University of Rochester
Grabowski, Theodore C. FRC FORMATION AND TRANSLATION EXPERIMENT AT AFRL 1 Air Force Research Laboratory, DE Directorate
Grierson, B. A. Characterizing Interchange Turbulence In A Dipole Confined Plasma 1 Columbia University
Guo, Houyang Y. Evidence of relaxation and spontaneous transition to a high-confinement state in high-beta steady-state plasmas sustained by rotating magnetic fields [none] University of Washington
Guttenfelder, Walter A Anomalous Transport Modeling of HSX Plasmas [none] HSX Plasma Laboratory, UW-Madison
Guzdar, Parvez N Model for the High-Rotation to Ordinary-Mode Transitions observed in MCX. [none] University of Maryland
Hakim, Ammar H Anomalous Resistivity Calculations in Field Reversed Configurations [none] Tech-X Corporation
Hakim, Ammar H Two-Fluid Simulations of Field Reversed Configurations [none] Tech-X Corporation
Hassam, Adil Progress on the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment 1 univ of md
Hoffman, Alan L An Engineer's Approach to Fusion Energy [none] University of Washington
Hooper, Bick Possibilities for a next-generation spheromak experiment 1 LLNL
Horton, Wendell Energy Confinement Predictions for the Stabilized Tandem Mirror and GAMMA-10 [none] University of Texas at Austin, IFS
Hsu, Scott C Experimental study of driven magnetic relaxation in simply-connected and low aspect ratio geometries 1 LANL
Hudson, Ben Confinement Studies in High Temperature Spheromak Plasmas 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Hwang, David Q. Engineering Improvements and Physics Studies of the Accelerated Compact Toroid in the CTIX Injector [none] UC Davis
Intrator, Tom Design of a translating Field Reversed Configuration for compression and Magnetized Target Fusion* [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ji, Jeong-Young Moment approach to the derivation of general parallel closures 1 Utah State University
Kesner, Jay Observations of Low Frequency Modes in LDX [none] MIT PSFC
Kim, Charlson C. Simulation of FLR effects on RFP tearing modes. 1 PSI Center, U. of Washington
Kishek, Rami A UMER: A Model Ring for Heavy Ion Drivers [none] University of Maryland
Knowlton, Stephen F. Electron-cyclotron heated plasmas in the Compact Toroidal Hybrid [none] Auburn University
Laberge, Michel G An acoustically driven MTF reactor 1 General Fusion Inc.
Lazar, Marian Cumulative effect of the filamentation and Weibel instabilities 1 Theoretical Physics
LoDestro, Lynda L. Linear MHD Stability Analysis of the SSPX Spheromak 1 LLNL
Logan, B. Grant Innovations for warm dense matter research may lead to improved heavy ion fusion approach [none] LBNL
Majeski, Dick Review of lithium wall experiments on CDX-U and progress on LTX* 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Makhin, Volodymyr Modeling of High-Energy-Density Plasmas Formed in Experiment with Megagauss Magnetic Fields [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Marklin, George J. Implicit Resistive MHD Simulations on a Tetrahedral Mesh [none] Plasma Science and Innovation Center
McCollam, Karsten J. Oscillating Field Current Drive on MST [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Mclean, Harry Magnetic Field Generation and Sustainment in the SSPX SpheromakL [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Meier, Eric T. Developing and Benchmarking MH4D, a Tetrahedral Mesh MHD Code 1 University of Washington
Mezonlin, Ephrem D Recent results from a neutral particle analyzer on the SSPX spheromak [none] Florida A&M University
Miley, George H Accelerated Plasma Blocks Driven by Petawatt-Picosecond Laser Pulses for Igniting Near Solid Density DT 1 U of Illinois
Miley, George H Line Source of Neutrons/X-rays Based on a Unique Cylindrical IEC Fusion Device 1 U of Illinois
Miller, Kenneth E Initial Operation of The TCS Upgrade [none] RPPL, University of Washington
Milroy, Richard D FRC Simulations using the NIMROD Code 1 University of Washington
Momota, Hiromu Linear Connected Array of Non-Adiabatic Traps [none] Fusion Studies Laboratory, University of Illinois
Moses, Edward I The National Ignition Facility and its Future Role in Inertial Fusion Energy [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Munsat, Tobin L. The Colorado FRC Experiment [none] Center for Integrated Plasma Studies, University o
Nebel, Richard A. Space Charge Neutralization and Plasma Compression in the Periodically Oscillating Plasma Sphere (POPS) [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nelson, Brian A The Plasma Science and Innovation Center Interfacing Group 1 University of Washington
NG, Sheung Wa Plasma-neutral equilibrium in centrifugally confined Plasma [none] IREAP, University of Maryland, College Park
O'Neill, R. G. Initial comparison of HIT-SI measurements to NIMROD calculations [none] University of Washington
Pedersen, Thomas Pure electron plasma dynamics in the CNT stellarator [none] Columbia University
Perkins, John Nuclear Fusion with Reduced Coulomb Barriers [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Phillips, Michael W. Numerical Simulations of Coaxial Pulsed Plasma Jets 1 HyperV Technologies Corp.
Raman, Roger Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in NSTX using Transient CHI 1 University of Washington
Redd, Aaron J. Internal Magnetic Structure and Electric Fields in the Helicity Injected Torus with Steady Inductive Helicity Injection (HIT-SI) 1 University of Washington
Romero-Talamas, Carlos A. The search for reconnection and helicity during formation of a bounded spheromak 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ruden, Edward L Stability of Plasma Configurations during Compression 1 Air Force Research Laboratory
Ryutov, Dmitri D. A “snow-flake” divertor as a possible approach to reducing divertor heat loads in tokamaks [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ryutov, Dmitri D. A model of plasma rotation in the regimes of good confinement in compact toroids [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ryutov, Dmitri D. Pressurized gas as a driver for Magnetized Target Fusion [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Schaffer, M. J. An Oblate FRC Concept for SSX 2 General Atomics
Sen, Amiya K Experimental Basic Physics Study of Zonal Flows [none] Plasma Physics Laboratory, Columbia University
Sen, S A Novel Regime of Stability for Ideal MHD Ballooning Modes [none] Kyoto University
Sethian, John D Laser Fusion Energy and the Fusion Test Facility [none] Naval Research Laboratory
Shamim, Imran Momentum transfer to rotating magnetized plasma from gun plasma injection. [none] University of Maryland
Shumlak, Uri Stabilization in the ZaP Flow Z-Pinch [none] University of Washington
Sieck, Paul E Electromechanical Issues in FRC Translation and Compression on FRX-L [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Siemon, Richard E. The behavior of liner surfaces used for magnetized target fusion compression to the MG field level [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Simon, Woodruff Adiabatic compression of a Field Reversed Configuration [none] Woodruff Scientific
Simon, Woodruff Technical Survey of Simply-Connected Innovative Confinement Concepts [none] Woodruff Scientific, LLC
Slough, John Suitability of Small Scale Linear Systems for a Fission-Fusion Reactor, Breeder, and Waste Transmutation [none] University of Washington
Sponsler, George C Neutron-Catalyzed Fusion [none] Ph.D., J.D. (Retired)
Stefan, Gerhardt P Ohmic Sustainment of Free Boundary Compact Toroids in MRX [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Steinhauer, Loren C Modelling of two-fluid flowing equilibria in compact toroid and spherical tokamak experiments [none] University of Washington
Stoltz, Peter H Effects of beam temperature on ion heating for high energy density physics experiments [none] Tech-X Corporation
Sun, Xuan Experimental study of non line-tied kink instability in RSX [none] Los Alamos National Lab
Taleyarkhan, Rusi P Recent Advances in Acoustic Inertial Confinement Fusion [none] Purdue University
Tang, Xianzhu Startup of spherical tokamak component test facility by co-axial helicity injection [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Teodorescu, Catalin Measurements of plasma isorotation on MCX [none] University of Maryland
Thompson, Seth B Parameter Space for Plasma Liner Driven Magnetoinertial Fusion [none] University of Alabama at Huntsville
Valanju, Prashant M X-Divertors for CTFs and Reactors and Their Synergy with Liquid-Metal Divertors [none] Institute for Fusion Studies, Univ. of Texas at Au
Votroubek, George R Initial Results from the Inductive Plasma Accelerator (IPA) FRC Merging/Compression Experiment [none] MSNW
Winterberg, F. Sheared azimuthal flow stabilization of cylindrical wire array implosions in a magnetic cusp [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Winterberg, F. Vorticity Stabilization of Magnetized Plasmas [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Winterberg, F. The Case for Pulsed Fusion-Fission [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Witherspoon, Franklin D Pulsed Injector Development for Dense Plasma Jets 1 HyperV Technologies Corp.
Wood, R. D. Overview of Recent Results from SSPX [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Woodruff, Simon Hypervelocity impact fusion reconsidered in the light of developments made in Naval Railgun research [none] Woodruff Scientific, LLC
Worstell, M W Strong, nonaxisymmetric flows driven in a dipole-confined plasma 1 Columbia University
Wrobel, Jonathan S HIT-SI Machine Upgrades 1 University of Washington
Wurden, Glen Issues for a Magnetized Target Fusion Reactor 2 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Wyman, Max D High Beta, High Density Improved Confinement Reversed-Field Pinch Plasmas [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Maryland

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 12-14, 2007
College Park, Maryland

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