Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Akcay, Cihan NIMROD SIMULATIONS OF DECAYING and DRIVEN HIT-SI PLASMAS [none] University of Washington
Anderson, David T. Transport in a Quasisymmetric Plasma: Results from HSX [none] HSX Plasma Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-Mad
Angelova, Milena A. Numerical Study of plasma formation form thick and thin aluminum wires driven by megaampere currents [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Asai, Tomohiko Control of plasma dynamics in a translation process of field-reversed configuration [none] College of Science and Technology, Nihon Universit
Awe, Thomas J. Pulsed Megagauss Magnetic Field on Millimeter Diameter Aluminum Rods [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Battaglia, Devon J. Non-solenoidal Plasma Startup using Outboard Washer Gun Current Injection on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment 1 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Bauer, Bruno Plasma formation and evolution from an aluminum surface driven by a megagauss field, as in magneto-inertial fusion* [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Bellan, Paul M How does the plasma get in to a spheromak? [none] Caltech
Belova, Elena V Simulation Studies of Field-Reversed Configurations with Rotating Magnetic Field Current Drive [none] PPPL
Bogatu, Ioan N. C60-Fullerene Hyper-Velocity High-Density Plasma Jets for MIF and Disruption Mitigation * [none] FAR-TECH, Inc.
Boxer, Alexander C Measurements of Improved Confinement During Magnetic Levitation of a Superconducting Dipole [none] MIT
Chapman, Brett E Generation and confinement of hot ions and electrons in MST [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dept. of Physics
CHOI, SEUNG H Observations and analysis of magnetic fluctuations in the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment [none] UMD-CollegePark
Cohen, Samuel A. The Princeton FRC Research Program [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Ellis, Richard F. Maryland Centrifugal Experiment : Progress and Plans [none] University of Maryland
Ellsworth, Jennifer L. Low Frequency Fluctuations During Levitated Operation the LDX Plasma [none] Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ennis, David A Tearing Mode Flows and the MHD Dynamo in MST [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fiksel, Gennady Transport of momentum by tearing modes in the MST RFP [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Finn, John M. The effect of line-tying on tearing modes [none] LANL
Friedwardt, Winterberg Attainment of Gigavolt Potentials by Fluiddynamic Suppression of the Stepped Leader - Its Significance for Thermonuclear Ignition [none] University of Nevada
Fuelling, Stephan EUV warm dense plasma emission from an aluminum surface driven by MG fields* [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Golingo, Raymond P. Thomson Scattering Measurements on the ZaP Experiment [none] University of Washington
Gray, Tim G Stable high-flux oblate FRCs in SSX [none] Swarthmore College
Grierson, B. A. The Turbulent Structure of a Plasma Confined by a Magnetic Dipole [none] Columbia University
Grossnickle, James A Wall Conditioning and Impurity Content in TCS-Upgrade [none] University of Washington
Guo, Houyang Achievement of a New High-Confinement, Collisionless FRC State in TCS-Upgrade [none] University of Washington
Hakim, Ammar H Time Domain Integral Equation Methods for use in fast MHD simulations of pulsed-power devices [none] Tech-X Corporation
Hamp, William T Closed flux sustainment during Coaxial Helicity Injection discharges and the requirements for flux amplification in the Helicity Injected Torus-II [none] University of Washington
HARTMAN, CHARLES W Fast Z-Pinch Compression of Small-Radius, Cylindrical Liners [none] Univ of California
Hegna, Chris C. Local 3-D equilibria with magnetic islands [none] University of Wisconsin
Hooper, Bick Visualizing magnetic reconnection in the SSPX spheromak [none] LLNL
Horton, Robert D Poloidal Field Amplification in CTIX [none] UC Davis
Howard, Stephen J. Development of Merged Compact Toroids for use as an MTF plasma [none] General Fusion Inc.
Inomoto, Michiaki High-beta steady-state FRC plasmas sustained by rotating magnetic fields with spatial high-harmonic components [none] Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies, Osak
intrator, tom FRCHX Magnetized Target Fusion and FRC Translation Experiments [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jackson, Keith Rationale for a Spheromak Fusion Facility at Florida A&M University [none] Florida A&M University
Ji, Jeong-Young Moment approach to deriving unified parallel ion viscous stress in magnetized plasmas [none] Utah State University
Kesner, Jay The LDX Experiment and the Levitated Dipole Approach to Plasma Confinement [none] MIT PSFC
Kim, Charlson C Preliminary Simulation Results from PSI Center NIMROD effort [none] University of Washington
Knauer, James P. Magnetized Hot-Spot Implosions on OMEGA [none] University of Rochester
Knecht, Sean D Results of Inner Electrode Modification on the ZaP Flow Z-Pinch [none] University of Washington
Knowlton, Stephen F. Current Driven Instability Studies on the Compact Toroidal Hybrid [none] Auburn University
Kumar, Deepak Alfvenic plasma flow during spheromak preformation stage 2 California Institute of Technology
Laberge, Michel G Experimental results for an acoustic driver for MTF [none] General Fusion
Logan, B. Grant A Candidate 1MJ Modular Driver Concept for Heavy Ion Fusion Direct Drive [none] LBNL
Loverich, John J An approach to dealing with plasma vacuum boundaries in FRC and Z-Pinch modeling [none] Tech-X Corporation
Lowrie, Weston B Interfacing a Low Order Mesh Generator with a High Order Finite (Spectral) Element Code [none] University of Washington
Lukin, Vyacheslav S Development and validation of HiFi -- an adaptive implicit 3D high order finite element code for general multi-fluid applications. [none] University of Washington
Macnab, Angus I.D. Extended MHD Simulations of the Formation, Compression, and Stability of Compact Tori for Current Drive and Heating [none] Woodruff Scientific, LLC
Makhin, Volodymyr Numerical modeling of Zebra MG experiment shows generation of warm dense matter and surface plasma * [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Marklin, George J. Application of Mimetic Operators to Tetrahedral Mesh MHD Codes [none] University of Washington
Martin, Piero Overview of RFX-mod results [none] Consorzio RFX-Associazione Euratom-Enea sulla fusi
Masamune, Sadao MHD Properties of Low-Aspect Ratio RFP in RELAX [none] Kyoto Institute of Technology
Mauel, Mike E Reconstruction of Pressure Profile Evolution during Levitated Dipole Experiments [none] Columbia University
Maurer, David A. HBT-EP Magnetohydrodynamic Control Research: Progress and Plans [none] Columbia University
McCollam, Karsten J. Energy and Helicity Balance in Oscillating Field Current Drive Experiments [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mclean, Harry Final Results from the SSPX Spheromak Program [none] Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Meier, Eric T. Multi-Fluid MHD Simulation of FRC Translation [none] University of Washington PSI-Center
Miley, George H. A Neutron Generator based on Magnetically Focused and Stabilized Linear IEC. [none] U of Illinois
Miley, George H. Novel Cluster High Performance Target [none] U of Illinois
Milroy, Richard D. FRC Formation and Translation Simulations using the NIMROD Code [none] University of Washington
Moser, Auna L. Magnetic field amplification and neutral gas ionization when a plasma jet collides with a neutral gas target [none] Caltech
Munsat, Tobin L. Progress on the Colorado FRC Experiment [none] University of Colorado
Nagata, Masayoshi Studies of helicity-driven MHD relaxation and its control by rotating magnetic field on HIST [none] University of Hyogo
Nelson, Brian A. Recent Results from the Steady-Inductive Helicity Injected Torus (HIT-SI) [none] University of Washington
Paraschiv, Ioana Linear and nonlinear development of m=0 instability in z-pinch equilibria with sheared axial flows [none] University of Nevada Reno
Perkins, Rory J. A Low Cost Photo-Electric Detector for an Arched Twisted Flux Tube Experiment [none] California Institute of Technology
Perkins, L. John Shock Ignition: A New Approach to High Gain Targets for the National Ignition Facility and Inertial Fusion Energy [none] LLNL
Pratt, Jane L. Drift-Wave Eigenmodes and Spectral Gaps in Tandem Mirrors [none] Institute for Fusion Studies, UT Austin
Presura, Radu Effect of an axial sheared flow on the wire array z-pinch [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Presura, Radu Plasma expansion across magnetic field [none] University of Nevada, Reno
Raman, Roger Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in NSTX using Transient CHI [none] University of Washington
Raynor, Chavis Weak Magnetic Fields for Manipulation of Turbulent Transport in Magnetically Confined Plasmas [none] Florida A&M University
Redd, Aaron J. Non-inductive plasma startup and current profile modification in Pegasus spherical torus discharges [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Romero-Talamás, Carlos A. Magnetic and thermal evolution in sustained spheromaks: experiments and simulations [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ryutov, Dmitri D. Non-paraxial stabilizers for axisymmetric mirrors 2 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ryutov, Dmitri D. Hydrodynamic efficiency of the liner-target interaction in the "soft-landing" mode 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Santarius, John F. Exploration of Plasma-Jet Magneto-Inertial Fusion 1-D Burn Dynamics [none] University of Wisconsin
Sarff, John S. A Hybrid Inductive Scenario for a Nearly Steady-State Reversed Field Pinch [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sen, Amiya K. The First Basic Experiment on the Production and Identification of ETG Modes [none] Columbia Univ
Shumlak, U. Stabilization in the ZaP Flow Z-Pinch [none] University of Washington
Slough, John Got Tritium? [none] University of Washington
Slough, John Small Scale Fusion: The Pulsed High Density FRC Experiment [none] University of Washington
Sovinec, C. R. Computation for Two-fluid Relaxation Physics [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steinhauer, Loren C. Solver for flowing multi-fluid equilibria [none] University of Washington
Svidzinski, Vladimir Plasma confinement by rotating magnetic field in toroidal geometry [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tang, Xianzhu Reactor Prospect of Spheromak Concept by Electrostatic Helicity Injection [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tankut, Aydin Surface Analysis Studies of TCSU Components [none] Redmond Plasma Physics Laboratory (University of W
Teodorescu, Catalin Experimental study on the velocity limits of magnetized rotating plasmas [none] University of Maryland
Uzun, Ilker U Dense Plasma Injection Experiment at MCX [none] University of Maryland
Uzun-Kaymak, Ilker U. Observations and simulations of magnetic fluctuations in MCX [none] University of Maryland, College Park
Votroubek, George R Improved Compression of Merged Field Reversed Configuration Plasmas in the IPA Experiment [none] MSNW, LLC
Weatherford, Charles Quantum Fluid Dynamic Extension of the Ginzburg-Landau Equation for Transition to Turbulence in Magnetized Fusion Plasmas [none] Florida A&M University
Wiewior, Piotr P. Status of Leopard laser project in Nevada Terawatt Facility [none] University of Nevada Reno
Wilks, Scott C. Fast Ignition Using Electron-Positron Jets [none] Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Woodruff, Simon Compression of Compact Tori for Current Drive and Heating [none] WOODRUFF SCIENTIFIC, LLC
Woodruff, Simon Spheromak development path [none] WOODRUFF SCIENTIFIC, LLC
Worstell, M. W. Measuring Interchange Turbulent Structure Coupling by Exciting Strong Nonaxisymmetric Flows [none] Columbia University
Wrobel, Jonathan S Overview of HIT-SI Diagnostic Systems and Upgrades [none] University of Washington
You, Setthivoine Measuring 3D Plasma Velocity in the TS-4 Compact Toroid [none] University of Tokyo
University of Nevada, Reno

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop and US-Japan Workshop
on Improvement in the Confinement of Compact Torus Plasmas
June 24-27, 2008
Reno, Nevada

ICC 2008