Pre-Registration has past, the deadline was Friday, May 30, 2008 to receive the lowest registration fee.

On-line registration is still available to participants at the higher regular fee of $495.

Student/Retiree registration is now available at $295 by calling 775-784-4062 or 800-233-8928. The one-day on-site fee is $295 and is available on-site only.

Click here to download the workshop Pre-Registration form, a pdf document. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the form.

The 2008 registration fees are:

Pre-Registration (deadline May 30, 2008)
Regular Fee = $395
Student/Retiree Fee = $195

On-site Registration (after May 30, 2008)
Regular Fee = $495
Student/Retiree Fee = $295
One-Day Fee (on-site only) = $295

Registration Cancellation Policy

No registration refunds will be permitted if registrants fail to cancel via email, by Tuesday, June 17, 2008. Cancellations must be emailed to Saralyn Stewart (as detailed on the registration form).

Audiovisual (AV) Equipment

All oral sessions will be equipped with one LCD computer projector, one high-intensity overhead projector, one screen, a lavaliere microphone, and one pointer. Please email additional AV equipment requests to Bruno Bauer, by Tuesday, June 17, 2008.

Please note that LCD projection is often subject to software or hardware problems, users of LCD projection can become familiar with the equipment and try out their presentation by arriving 30 minutes prior to their session. We suggest that speakers using LCD projection bring back-up transparencies in case of technical problems. Please bring your own laptop and ensure that your laptop is ready for connection to the LCD projector.

Poster presenters who wish to show electronic projection must bring their laptop with their presentation already uploaded, plus power cords or any proprietary cords required for their use. Small tables for laptops are complimentary and will be available upon request at each poster site. Poster presenters requiring extension cords and power strips may be charged a nominal fee.

University of Nevada, Reno

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop and US-Japan Workshop
on Improvement in the Confinement of Compact Torus Plasmas
June 24-27, 2008
Reno, Nevada

ICC 2008