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Control and measurement of 3D edge magnetic field structures on HBT-EP

Author: David A. Maurer
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Submitted: 2009-12-05 11:03:08

Co-authors: J. Bialek, B. DeBono, J. P. Levesque, M. E. Mauel, G. A.Navratil, T. S. Pedersen, N. Rath, D. Shiraki

Contact Info:
Columbia University
500 W120th St
New York, NY   10027
United States

Abstract Text:
Suppression and control of magnetohydrodynamic activity is an important issue for optimizing high beta operation of many innovative magnetic confinement concepts. The
High Beta Tokamak-Extended Pulse (HBT-EP) MHD control research program is investigating critical key issues related to the suppression of the kink mode as a performance limiting instability for future fusion systems, chaotic magnetic edge field generation using resonant magnetic perturbations, and the use of electrostatic biased probe currents inside of the plasma edge and in the scrape-off layer to influence and control MHD activity. The HBT-EP experiment is poised to investigate these research topics with the recent implementation of a new wall, control, and sensor coil system that will allow unprecedented ability to measure the 3D magnetic field structure of the plasma edge using over 250 magnetic sensors to quantify plasma response. A new set of 120 control coils will be employed for feedback and RMP experiments to excite and suppress MHD in the plasma edge during these experiments. An important plasma response issue is to quantify the extent to which one can perform feedback on one unstable mode without destabilizing other stable MHD modes when they approach marginal stability as the plasma pressure is increased. This becomes particularly important when the feedback control coil coverage is decreased due to the large sideband field harmonics inherent in small, modular control coils. Design, construction, implementation and future experimental plans will be discussed.

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Princeton University

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 16-19, 2010
Princeton, New Jersey

ICC 2010