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icc_2010_sdk.pdf2010-02-22 15:34:03Sean Knecht

Density Profile Evolution in the ZaP Flow Z-Pinch

Author: Sean D Knecht
Requested Type: Poster Only
Submitted: 2009-12-05 13:11:09

Co-authors: U. Shumlak, B.A. Nelson, R.P. Golingo, ZaP Team

Contact Info:
University of Washington
120 AERB
Seattle, WA   98195

Abstract Text:
The ZaP Flow Z-Pinch at the University of Washington is a basic
plasma physics experiment that utilizes sheared axial flows to maintain gross plasma stability of a plasma column. The 10 cm diameter inner electrode has been replaced with a 16 cm diameter electrode. This modification is intended to increase pinch heating through increased adiabatic compression and to expand the flexibility of neutral-gas injection by increasing the number of neutral-gas injection valves inside the inner electrode from one to eight. Two distinct operational regimes have been identified: a regime characterized by an extended period of stability that lasts through the end of the current pulse; a regime with
a high peak magnetic field preceding the end of the quiescent period. A four-chord HeNe interferometer is used to determine the density profile of the pinch. Equilibrium profiles of plasma current density, magnetic field and total temperature (ion and electron) are determined using the density profiles and the results of pressure balance and radial heat conduction calculations.

Characterization: A2,E3


Princeton University

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 16-19, 2010
Princeton, New Jersey

ICC 2010