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Modifying Interchange Turbulence through the Application of Rotating Electrostatic Perturbations to a Dipole Confined Plasma

Author: M. W. Worstell
Requested Type: Poster Only
Submitted: 2009-12-04 14:54:14

Co-authors: A.M. Senter, M.E. Mauel

Contact Info:
Columbia University
500 W 120th St
New York, NY   10025

Abstract Text:
Previous experiments on the Collisionless Terella Experiment (CTX) have determined the structure of turbulent and unstable interchange mixing. An ERCH generated plasma confined by a mechanically supported dipole magnet, plasmas in CTX are dominated by the Hot Electron Interchange mode until gas fueling is increased sufficiently to enter a regime dominated by turbulence. Statistical analysis revealed these fluctuations to be spatially broad and temporally chaotic, consistent with the nonlinear inverse energy cascade predicted by two-dimensional turbulence theory. We report new experiments to directly modify the turbulent spectrum by amplifying or controlling individual wavelengths through the application of electrostatic perturbations via an equatorial probe array. Rotating perturbations with both feedback phase-controlled and with constant frequency open-loop perturbations will be discussed.

Characterization: A5,E4

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Princeton University

Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop
February 16-19, 2010
Princeton, New Jersey

ICC 2010