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Simulation of Field Compression Using High Mach Number Plasma Jets

Author: Loverich J John
Requested Type: Poster Only
Submitted: 2011-06-10 13:19:53

Co-authors: Ammar Hakim, Sean C.D. Zhou

Contact Info:
Tech-X Corporation
5621 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO   80303

Abstract Text:
A new experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the plasma liner experiment (PLX), has
been developed to investigate merging high Mach number plasma jets for generating
high energy density plasma states. The plasma jets use high Z gases such
as argon to take advantage of reduced shock heating, due to plasma ionization and radiation, to
maintain high Mach number after jet merging, and thus improve the compression ability
of the resulting liner. Such a liner scheme has been suggested for the
compression of magneto inertial fusion targets. These simulations highlight a possible
field compression scenario that could be explored in the future using the PLX device.

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University of Washington

Workshop on Innovation in Fusion Science (ICC2011) and
US-Japan Workshop on Compact Torus Plasma
August 16-19, 2011
Seattle, Washington

ICC 2011