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ts__icc_11_test.pdf2011-09-12 17:00:50Raymond Golingo

A Two Point Thomson Scattering System for the ZaP Experiment

Author: Raymond P. Golingo
Requested Type: Poster Only
Submitted: 2011-06-10 18:09:09

Co-authors: U. Shumlak, B.A. Nelson, R.J. Oberto and the ZaP team

Contact Info:
University of Washington
120 AERB box 352250
Seattle, WA   98105-2

Abstract Text:
The ZaP Flow Z-Pinch Experiment is presently studying the effect of sheared flow on gross plasma stability. During a quiescent period in the magnetic mode activity, a dense Z-pinch with a sheared flow is observed on the axis of the machine. The velocity shear agrees with the threshold predicted by linear theory. A better comparison between experimental and analytic results can be made once the pressure profile is known. A low capital-cost, single-point, ruby Thomson Scattering system has been in operation on the ZaP experiment for the past two years. The system has a 3 mm radial resolution and can collect scattered light up to 4 cm off of the axis of the machine. (The Z-pinch has a 1 cm characteristic radius.) The cost of the system has been kept low by using components for the system from other experiments or diagnostics. An in situ calibration of the Hibschman spectrometer has been performed to properly calculate the electron temperature. The system was designed to measure 10 spatial points. A second spatial point has been added with the recent acquisition of additional red enhanced PMT tubes. The present system is making electron temperature measurements on the axis of the machine and 5 mm off of the axis. Recent results and analysis methods will be presented.

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University of Washington

Workshop on Innovation in Fusion Science (ICC2011) and
US-Japan Workshop on Compact Torus Plasma
August 16-19, 2011
Seattle, Washington

ICC 2011