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General-moment-equation approach to partially ionized plasmas

Author: Jeong-Young Ji
Requested Type: Poster Only
Submitted: 2011-06-10 19:34:05

Co-authors: E.D.Held

Contact Info:
Utah State University
4415 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT   84322

Abstract Text:
The general moment equations for partially ionized plasmas are established. The distribution functions for electrons, ions, and neutrals are expanded in terms of orthogonal polynomials of velocity variables. The moments of the charge exchange operator can be written analytically for approximate cross sections or numerically for more accurate polynomial-fitting cross sections. Moments for ionization and recombination processes can also be calculated similarly. Having the general moment equations, it is straightforward to write the (2+1)-fluid, Maxwellian moment equations and the system of non-Maxwellian moment equations for closures. A closure scheme for partially ionized plasmas in an arbitrary magnetic field is presented for a high-collisionality regime.

Characterization: D7

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University of Washington

Workshop on Innovation in Fusion Science (ICC2011) and
US-Japan Workshop on Compact Torus Plasma
August 16-19, 2011
Seattle, Washington

ICC 2011