April 4-6

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Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Zheng, L. J. Effects of charge and current discontinuities on tokamak edge stability [none] University of Texas at Austin
Ahn, Jae Heon Transport of heavy impurities in sawtoothing plasmas [none] CEA - IRFM
Anderson, David T. The Role of Theory and Computation in Advancement of the Stellarator Concept 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baalrud, Scott D Influence of Wakes on Runaway Electron Threshold Conditions [none] University of Iowa
Bader, Aaron HSX as an example of a ``non-resonant'' divertor [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bae, Cheonho An investigation on the plasma conditions for complete gyroviscous cancellation 1 National Fusion Research Institute
Bao, Jian Nonlinear particle simulation of radio frequency wave in tokamak 1 Peking University
Basu, Bamandas Angular Momentum Associated with Modes Involving Magneto-thermal Reconnection* 1 MIT
Becerra, Andrea L Computing theoretical beta limits for RWM stability of NSTX equilibria using NIMROD* [none] University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bechtel, Torrin A High-beta extended MHD simulations of stellarators [none] Unviersity of Wisconsin - Madison
Beidler, Matthew T. Forced Magnetic Reconnection Modeling with NIMROD [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Belforte, Guido Confinement Scalings, Compact High Field Experiments on Fusion Burning Plasmas and Relevant Superconducting Technology* 1 Politecnico di Torino
Belli, E. A. Collisional Ion and Electron Scale Syrokinetic Simulations in the Tokamak Pedestal 1 General Atomics
Boozer, Allen H Loss of relativistic electrons when magnetic surfaces are broken 1 Columbia University
Breizman, Boris N. Production and damping of runaway electrons in a tokamak 1 Institute for Fusion Studies, The University of Te
Brennan, Dylan P. A reduced model of differential flow effects on stability and penetration of coupled toroidal modes [none] Princeton University / PPPL
Brizard, Alain J Equivalent Higher-order Guiding-center Hamiltonian Theories 1 Saint Michael's College
Bunkers, Kyle J Simulations of Nonlinear External Kinks for Disruption Studies with NIMROD* [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Burby, Joshua W Rescuing phase space in high-order variational drift kinetics [none] Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Callen, James D Forced Magnetic Reconnection In Tokamak Plasmas [none] University of Wisconsin
Cardinali, Alessandro Tridimensional Thermonuclear Instability in Subignited Plasmas* 1 ENEA
Cardinali, alessandro Asymptotic Expansion of the Fluid-Maxwell’s equation system in magnetized plasmas [none] ENEA
Carmack, Eddy The Big New Arctic: The Non-Linear Future Has Arrived [none] Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sidney, British Colum
Ceccherini, Francesco Kinetic Investigation of Low Order Modes in FRC Plasmas [none] Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Cerfon, Antoine J. A fast, high order accurate solver for Taylor states in general toroidal geometries 1 Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU
Chen, Bin Divertor Heat Flux Based On BOUT++ and SOLPS 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Chowdhury, Jugal Gyrokinetic Delta-f Particle Simulation of Microtearing Turbulence [none] University of Colorado
Cianciosa, Mark 3D Equilibrium reconstruction of Helical Cores in the DIII-D Tokamak 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cole, Andrew J Error field penetration and locking to the backward wave [none] Columbia University
Coppi, Bruno Magneto-thermal Reconnection Processes, Related Angular Momentum Transport issues and Formation of High Energy Particle Population* 1 MIT
Cornille, Brian S. Parallelization of DEBS 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
da Fonseca, Julio D. Statistical properties of the gyro-averaged standard map model [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
del-Castillo-Negrete, Diego Modulated heat pulse propagation and partial transport barriers in chaotic magnetic fields [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dettrick, Sean A Theory and Simulation of High-Performance Beam-Driven FRCs [none] Tri Alpha Energy
Dewar, Robert L. Spectrum of multi-region-relaxed magnetohydrodynamic modes in slab geometry 1 The Australian National University
Dimits, Andris Efficient Implicit Coupling of Fluid-Plasma and Monte-Carlo-Neutral Models for Edge Plasma Transport 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dorf, Mikhail A Continuum Kinetic Modeling of the Tokamak Plasma Edge with the COGENT code* [none] LLNL
Duarte, Vinicius N. First realistic characterizations of chirping instabilities in tokamaks [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Ebrahimi, Fatima Physics of plasmoid-mediated reconnection and flux closure in simulations of Coaxial Helicity Injection 1 Princeton University
Effenberg, Florian 3-D Modeling of Edge Transport and Plasma Surface Interaction for Wendelstein 7-X Startup Plasmas 1 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Espinosa, Silvia Effect of radial impurity flow on pedestal poloidal variation [none] Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC-MIT)
Faber, Benjamin J Nonlinear coherent structures from linearly stable modes in stellarator TEM turbulence 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ferraro, Nathaniel M M3D-C1 Modeling of Disruptive Instabilities [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Finn, John Simple model for toroidal coupling of tearing modes, including the presence of rotation shear [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fitzpatrick, Richard An Improved Neoclassical Drift-Magnetohydrodynamical Fluid Model of Helical Magnetic Island Equilibria in Tokamak Plasmas [none] Institute for Fusion Studies, UT Austin
Fletcher, Alex Numerical Solutions to Thermal Magnetic Reconnection Equations 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Flint, Christopher Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of the Tearing instability, the Kelin-Helmholtz instability and magnetic reconnection [none] College of William & Mary
Fraser, Adrian E. Role of Stable Eigenmodes in Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Saturation [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Freidberg, Jeffrey Cheap Fusion [none] MIT
Guazzotto, Luca A Multi-Fluid Ignition Analysis 1 Auburn University
Guo, Zehua Primary runaway electron generation and saturation in a tokamak 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Gupta, S Electron dynamics in SOL plasma with expander divertor 1 Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Halfmoon, Michael R Effects of Shear on Energetic Ion Interactions with Tearing Modes [none] University of Tulsa
Hameiri, Eliezer Ertel’s vorticity theorem and new flux surfaces in classical fluids [none] Courant Institute - NYU
Hatch, David Gyrokinetic Simulations of the JET-ILW Pedestal [none] Institute for Fusion Studies, University of Texas-
Hegna, Chris The effect of sheared toroidal rotation on magnetic islands in toroidal plasmas 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Held, Eric D. Energetic particle physics in NIMROD using a continuum approach [none] Utah State University
Holod, Ihor Gyrokinetic Simulations of RMP Effect on Pedestal Turbulence in DIII-D [none] University of California Irvine
Horton, Wendell RF Wave Propagation and Scattering in Turbulent Tokamak Plasmas [none] Institute for Fusion Studies,UnivTexasAustin
Howell, Eric C Two-Fluid Benchmarking of the 1/1 Internal Kink 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hudson, Stuart R. Penetration and amplification of resonant perturbations in 3D ideal-MHD equilibria [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Imbert-Gerard, Lise-Marie Fast and accurate numerical simulation of O-mode propagation in the cold plasma model [none] Courant Institute - NYU
Izzo, Valerie Mitigation modeling of locked-mode disruptions 1 University of California San Diego
James, Spencer D. Self-consistent interactions of the tearing mode and drift-wave microturbulence 1 University of Tulsa
Janhunen, Salomon Mixed finite-element/finite difference method for toroidal field-aligned elliptic electromagnetic equation [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Jardin, Stephen C Progress on Resistive MHD Code Verification Problems with M3D-C1 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Jeffrey, Kollasch S A framework for modeling helicon plasma devices [none] University of Wisconsin -- Madison
Jenkins, Thomas G Modeling Sheath Potentials, Sputtering, and ICRF Physics in Alcator C-Mod [none] Tech-X Corporation
Jung, Young-Dae Influence of Dupree diffusivity on the occurrence scattering time in a turbulent plasma 1 Hanyang University
King, Jacob R Nonlinear NIMROD modeling of DIII-D QH-mode discharges with broadband-MHD turbulence § [none] Tech-X Corporation
Landreman, Matt Efficient magnetic fields for supporting toroidal plasmas [none] University of Maryland
Lau, Calvin K Electrostatic Drift-wave Instability in the Field-Reversed Configuration [none] University of California, Irvine
Lazerson, Samuel The QUASAR experiment as a facility to test ITG turbulence [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Lee, Myoung-Jae Influence of nonthermal Dupree diffusivity and plasma shielding on atomic collisions in a turbulent plasmas [none] Hanyang University
Lestz, Jeff Hybrid MHD/particle simulation study of sub-cyclotron Alfvén Eigenmodes in NSTX 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Li, Meng Numerical implementation of action angle variables for guiding center motion 1 Institute for Fusion Studies, The University of Te
Liu, Chang Adjoint method and runaway electron dynamics in momentum space 1 Princeton University
Liu, Yaqi Nonlinear interaction between BAE and BAAE 1 Peking University
Lore, Jeremy D Simulating the effect of 3D fields on detachment in NSTX using EMC3-EIRENE [none] ORNL
Lyons, Brendan C. Extended magnetohydrodynamics calculations of linear plasma response to external three-dimensional magnetic perturbations 1 General Atomics
McDevitt, Chris J Turbulent Current Drive Mechanisms [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Miller, Sean T A 13-moment multi-species model for moderately collisional plasmas 1 University of Washington
Mirnov, Vladimir Analytical and numerical treatment of drift-tearing and resistive drift instabilities in plasma slab [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Morrison, Philip J Hamiltonian and topological structures of extended magnetohydrodynamics [none] University of Texas at Austin
Newman, David E Cross-phase control as a mechanism for the I-mode and other enhanced confinement regimes [none] Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks
O'Bryan, John B Numerical investigation and optimization of multi-pulse CHI spheromak performance [none] University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Oganesov, Armen Unitary qubit lattice algorithm for the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability [none] College of William & Mary
Omotani, John T. Neutral Regulated Flow in the Edge Plasma 1 Chalmers University of Technology
Onofri, Marco Transport simulations of the C-2 and C-2U Field Reversed Configurations with the Q2D code [none] tri alpha energy
Pueschel, M.J. Consequences of Many-Eigenmode Excitation For Stellarator Turbulence and Quasilinear Modeling [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Pusztai, Istvan Turbulent transport of MeV range cyclotron heated minorities as compared to alpha particles [none] Chalmers University of Technology
Rhodes, Dov J Exploring Alternate Ordering of the MHD Stability Limits for Coupled Tearing-Wall Modes [none] Columbia University
Ricketson, Lee F Multilevel and Sparse Grid Techniques for Particle-in-Cell simulations [none] Courant Institute / NYU
Riford, Zz S Progress in Numerical Modeling of Non-Inductive Start-Up of the Pegasus Spherical Tokamak [none] University of Wisconsin
Roberds, Nicholas A. Simulations of Sawtoothing in CTH Using NIMROD [none] Auburn University
Ryutov, Dmitri Identifying topological features of the snowflake configurations from the magnetic field data at a finite number of points 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sauppe, Joshua P. Three-Dimensional PIC and Fluid Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection in the Fadeev Equilibrium [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sengupta, Wrick Sub-Alfvenic reduced full-f Kinetic MHD equations to study flute like instabilities [none] University of Maryland College Park
shivamoggi, Bhimsen K Generalized Magnetic Helicity in Electron MHD [none] Univ of Central florida
Sovinec, C. R. Computational enhancements of the NIMEQ Grad-Shafranov solver [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sugiyama, Linda E. Solar coronal loops as toroidal plasmas stabilized by gravity 1 M. I. T.
taimourzadeh, sam Gyrokinetic Simulations of RMP effects on DIII-D edge Turbulence [none] University of California, Irvine, CA 92697 Princet
Tang, Tengfei Development of test particle module for impurity transport in BOUT++ framework 1 Lawrence Livermore national Lab
Tang, Xianzhu Bohm criterion in a warm-ion plasma [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Terry, Paul W Large-Scale Sinks in Saturation Scalings of ITG Turbulence 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tronci, Cesare Variational approaches to the guiding-center Vlasov-Maxwell equations 2 University of Surrey
Turnbull, Alan D. Fractional Scaling of External Resistive Kink Modes 1 General Atomics
Waelbroeck, Francois L Conservative discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of the 2D incompressible Euler equation 1 University of Texas at Austin
Weitzner, Harold Expansion of a non-symmetric toroidal ideal MHD equilibrium about a magnetic axis- toroidal curvature effects [none] New York University
Whelan, Garth G Wavenumber-resolved energy transfer involving zonal flows in ITG turbulence [none] UW-Madison
White, Ryan L Tearing Layer Stability with Sheared Toroidal Rotation [none] Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Williams, Zach R. Rapid Reinforcement of an Imposed Island in Gyrokinetics [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wurm, Alexander Using Action principles to include gyroviscous-like contributions in 3D-MHD models [none] Western New England University
XIE, Huasheng Toroidal Drift Waves Revisit: Completed Solutions of the One and Two Dimensional Eigen System 1 Fusion Simulation Center, Peking University
Zhou, Yao Topologically constrained equilibration of the ideal coalescence instability [none] Princeton University
Zhu, Ping Linear and Nonlinear Plasma Responses to RMPs in Tokamak Edge Pedestal Region 1 University of Science and Technology of China
Zhu, Ben Global study of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge region [none] Dartmouth College
Zhu, Ben Nonlinear Stabilization of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Magnetized Plasma [none] Dartmouth College