April 23-25

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Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Akcay, Cihan Nonlinear simulations of locking in the presence of tearing layers with real frequencies 1 Tibbar Plasma Technologies
Andrew, Ware Computational modelling of quasi-single helicity states in an RFP 1 University of Montana
Asgari-Targhi, Mahboubeh Magneto-thermal Reconnection Processes in Solar Coronal Loops 1 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Asif, Muhammad Study of improved confinement by a stepwise increase of the input heating power for tokamak plasmas [none] COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
Baalrud, Scott D Collisional Transport in Strongly Magnetized Plasmas [none] University of Iowa
Banerjee, Debabrata Modeling of CFETR disruption mitigation scenarios using extended MHD code NIMROD [none] University of Science and Technology of China
Bao, Jian A conservative scheme of drift kinetic electrons for gyrokinetic simulation of kinetic-MHD processes in toroidal plasmas 1 University of California, Irvine
Basu, Bamandas Endogenous Magnetic Reconnection and Associated Processes of Relevance to Fusion Burning Plasmas 1 MIT
Bechtel, Torrin A Finite Parallel Transport on Stochastic Fieldlines Changes Global Stellarator Beta* [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Beidler, Matthew T. Nonlinear Mode Penetration Caused by Transient Magnetic Perturbations 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Belli, Emily A. Critical Role of Sonic Rotation on Ion and Impurity Transport [none] General Atomics
Brennan, Dylan P. Resistive plasma - resistive wall mode stability limits in rotation and beta with two fluid layers and energetic ions [none] Princeton University / PPPL
Brizard, Alain Perturbative variational formulations of reduced Vlasov-Maxwell equations [none] Saint Michael's College
Bunkers, Kyle J. Investigation of Boundary Conditions for Vertical Displacement Events with NIMROD* 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Buratti, Paolo Evolution of the Reconnecting Internal Kink Mode 1 ENEA
Cai, Huishan influence of toroidal rotation on magnetic islands in tokamak [none] University of Science and Technology of China
Callen, James D. Analysis Of Transient-MHD-Induced Magnetic Reconnection 1 University of Wisconsin
Carbajal, Leopoldo Validation of theoretical models for the pitch-angle dynamics of runaway electrons in tokamak plasmas via numerical simulations [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
CARDINALI, ALESSANDRO Dynamical quasi-linear absorption of RF in presence of α-particles & NBI in tokamak reactor [none] ENEA
Chen, Guangye Moment-accelerated, Fully Implicit, Conservative, Electromagnetic 3D-3V Particle-In-Cell Algorithms On Curvilinear Meshes with Realistic Boundaries [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chen, Yang Zonal structures and the nonlinear saturation of Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes [none] University of Colorado at Boulder
Cheng, Shikui Effects of toroidal flow direction and plasma density on edge localized modes in tokamaks [none] University of Science and Technology of China
Cianciosa, Mark Machine Learning for Inverse Methods [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cole, Andrew J. Regimes of tearing modes with parallel dynamics having real frequencies 1 Columbia University
Cole, Michael D J Global gyrokinetic modelling of stellarators to the last closed flux surface [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Coppi, Bruno Predicted Radiation Precursors to the Collapse of Black Holes Binaries Based on Resonating Plasma Modes 1 MIT
Cornille, Brian S First-Order System Least-Squares for Hall-MHD and Utilizing H(curl) Conforming Finite Elements [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cote, Tyler B Toroidal localization of edge ballooning instability in the presence of strong applied 3D magnetic perturbations [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
del-Castillo-Negrete, Diego Production rate of runaway electrons in dynamics scenarios: a probabilistic backward Monte Carlo method [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
DENG, GUOZHONG Simulation of divertor heat flux widths on EAST by BOUT++ transport code 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dong, Ge Nonlinear Saturation of Kinetic Ballooning Modes by Zonal fields in Toroidal Plasmas 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Duarte, Vinicius N Verification of the Resonance Broadening Quasilinear (RBQ) code  [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Ebrahimi, Fatima Onset and nonlinear relaxation of coherent current-carrying filaments during ELMs and vertical displacement events in tokamaks 1 Princeton University/PPPL
Espinosa, Silvia Theoretical explanations of I-mode impurity removal and H-mode poloidal pedestal asymmetries [none] MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Evstatiev, Evstati G. Reduction of noise in particle methods [none] West Virginia University Institute of Technology
Faber, Benjamin J Exploring geometry dependence of saturation in stellarator turbulence 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fan, Xiang Cascades, "Blobby" Turbulence, and Target Pattern Formation in Elastic Systems: A New Take on Classic Themes in Plasma Turbulence 1 UCSD
Fülöp, Tünde Runaway electron dynamics in disruptions [none] Chalmers University of Technology
Ferraro, Nathaniel M Integrated Modeling of Tokamak Disruptions with M3D-C1 [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Fontanilla, Adrian K Ablation and expansion of high-Z pellets [none] University of Texas at Austin
Fraser, Adrian E Stable mode effects in saturation scalings for Kelvin-Helmholtz turbulence [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Freidberg, Jeffrey P. Tokamak reactor design for plasma physicists [none] MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Gatto, Renato Magnetic Reconnection Sustained by the Thermonuclear Heating of the Electron Population 1 Università la Sapienza
Geraldini, Alessandro Kinetic treatment of ions at the plasma-wall boundary [none] University of Oxford and Culham Centre for Fusion
Gorelenkov, Nikolai N A Quasi-linear resonance broadened model for fast ion relaxation in the presence of Alfvénic instabilities 1 PPPL, Princeton University
Guazzotto, Luca A Multi-Fluid Analysis of Burning Plasmas 2 Auburn University
Hager, Robert Verification of fluid type electromagnetic modes with a gyrokinetic-fluid hybrid model in the XGC code [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hatch, David R Gyrokinetic Simulations of JET Pedestals [none] Univ of Texas, Austin
Hawryluk, Richard J. What will we learn from ITER? 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hegna, C. C. Using turbulent saturation physics to optimize stellarator confinement* [none] University of WIsconsin-Madison
Heninger, Jeffrey An integral transform technique for gyrokinetics [none] University of Texas at Austin
Hideaki, Miura Two-fluid simulations of edge-plasma interchange/tearing instabilities in 2D slab [none] National Institute for Fusion Science
Hill, Maxwell D. An Extension of the Miller Flux Surface Model to Include the X-Point Region [none] Georgia Institute of Technology
Hirvijoki, Eero Finite-dimensional Vlasov-Maxwell-Landau system for computer simulations [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Horton, Wendell High-Beta Relaxed Torodial Plasma Confinement in FRC [none] University of Texas at Austin
Horton, Wendell Nonlinear 3D Transverse Cascades in Keplerian Disks and Laboratory Plasmas from Sheared Flows [none] University of Texas at Austin
Howell, Eric C Development of a Non-Parametric Gaussian Process Model in V3FIT [none] Tech-X Corporation
Hu, Youjun Fully kinetic simulation of electromagnetic ion-temperature-gradient instabilities in tokamaks 1 University of Colorado at Boulder
Jenkins, Thomas G. Vorpal Modeling of Fusion-Relevant RF Processes in the Scrape-off Layer 1 Tech-X Corporation
Jepson, Joseph R NIMROD Modeling of Poloidal Flow Damping Using a Delta-F Kinetic Closure* [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jorge, R. A gyrokinetic model for the tokamak periphery 1 Insituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear, IST and Swis
King, Jacob R Edge momentum transport within an extended MHD code [none] Tech-X Corp
King, Richard W 2D Multi-fluid Neoclassical Computer Simulation of Core Rotation for Axisymmetric Plasma [none] Georgia Institute of Technology
Kiramov, Dmitrii I Plasma current profile force-free evolution in a tokamak during the current quench [none] NRC "Kurchatov Institute"
Krebs, Isabel Benchmarking and experimental validation of MHD simulations of Vertical Displacement Events [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Kruger, Scott E Low Frequency Limits of Maxwell's Equations and Plasma Physics [none] Tech-X Corporation
Landreman, Matt Computing local sensitivity and tolerances for stellarator physics properties using shape gradients [none] University of Maryland
Lasa, Ane Multi-physics modeling of the evolution of surfaces exposed to steady-state plasmas [none] University of Tennessee
Lee, Jungpyo A similarity relation between RF wave systems in tokamaks [none] Hanyang University
Lee, Hankyu Q. Implementing moment equations for parallel closures in NIMROD [none] Utah State University
Li, Meng Modeling of disruptive instabilities with energetic particle effects, resistive wall and flow in DIII-D experiments [none] Princeton University
Loch, Stuart Generalized collisional-radiative coefficients for neutral W, Mo, and Ne for use in impurity transport modeling [none] Auburn University
Lopez, Omar E. Study of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in tokamaks by the Spectral Web Method [none] Auburn University
Lyons, Brendan C Multiphysics disruption modeling with extensions to M3D-C1 [none] General Atomics
Martin, Mike F The Parallel Boundary Condition for Turbulence Simulations in Low Magnetic Shear Devices [none] University of Maryland
Merlo, Gabriele Towards a first-principles-based Whole Device Model for fusion plasmas [none] The University of Texas at Austin
Miloshevich, George Inversion of energy cascade in a magnetofluid model due to the effect of ion sound Larmor radius scales [none] University of Texas at Austin
Miura, Hideaki Vortex Transport across SX into SOL vortex as Driven from anisotropic pressure gradients and E-radial [none] National Institute of Fusion Science and IFS Unive
Morrison, Philip J On Lagrangian and Dirac constraints for the ideal incompressible fluid and magnetofluid [none] University of Texas at Austin
Owens, Ken D. 3D Collision Frequencies and Fusion Reactivity from a 1D Model [none] Humboldt State University
Pan, Qingjiang Full-f version of GENE for turbulence in open-field-line systems [none] MIT
Paul, Elizabeth J An adjoint method for gradient-based optimization of stellarator coil shapes 1 University of Maryland, College Park
QIAN, Tony M Fusion Plasma and Augmented Reality [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Ricci, Paolo New insights on SOL plasma turbulence [none] Swiss Plasma Center, EPFL
Rogers, Barrett N Gyrokinetic study of slab entropy modes and the specious Gradient Drift Coupling (GDC) instability 1 Dartmouth College
Ryutov, Dmitri D Interesting divertor configurations created with remote poloidal field coils [none] LLNL
Sanchez-Vizuet, Tonatiuh Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin tools for the Grad-Shafranov equation [none] Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU.
Sengupta, Wrick Nonsymmetric 3D vacuum magnetic fields with surfaces [none] Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Smiet, Christopher B Self-organizing knots in plasma [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Sovinec, Carl R. Tokamak Disruption Simulation: Progress toward Comprehensive Modeling 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Spencer, J. Andrew Application of continuum drift kinetics to parallel heat transport* 1 Utah State University
Spigler, Renato New Emerging Arguments in Support of High Plasma Density and Magnetic Field Experiments 1 Università Roma 3
Spong, Don A. Alfven Eigenmodes driven by energetic particles in ITER using a Landau-closure model [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Stacey, Weston M. Ion Orbit Loss & Radial Electric Field in Tokamaks 1 Georgia Tech
Strauss, Henry Asymmetric wall force reduction in ITER and JET disruptions [none] HRS Fusion
Sugiyama, Linda E. Fast instabilities by nonlinear interchange instability* [none] M.I.T.
Sutherland, Will Optimizing a Quasi-helically Symmetric Stellarator 1 University of Montana
Svidzinski, Vladimir Hybrid iterative approach for simulation of full wave radio-frequency fields in plasma [none] FAR-TECH, Inc.
Tarditi, Alfonso G. Study of High-Density Plasma Generation from Coalescing Z-Pinch Discharges [none] Oak ridge National Laboratory
Taylor, Trevor V. Energetic particle physics in NIMROD using a continuum approach* [none] Utah State University
Thomas, Edward E Dust in fusion plasmas: Insights from the Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment 1 Auburn University
Umansky, Maxim V. Detached plasma regimes in innovative long-legged divertor configurations 2 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Wang, Ge Mechanisms for onset of the whistler chorus in Earth's magnetosphere 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Weiland, Jan G Toroidal Drift Modes Driven by the Magnetic Drift Resonances [none] Chalmers University of Technology and Euratom-VR A
Weitzner, Harold Particle confinement near the magnetic axis in a mhd equilibrium in a topological torus [none] New York University
Wilkie, George J. A fast spectral solver for the nonlinear Boltzmann equation [none] Chalmers University of Technology
Wilkie, George J. Asymptotic reduced models for the interaction of energetic particles and microturbulence [none] Chalmers University of Technology
Zheng, Linjin MHD Stability of Negative Triangularity Tokamaks 1 University of Texas at Austin
Zhu, Caoxiang Hessian matrix approach for determining error field sensitivity to coil deviations. 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Zhu, Ben Up-down symmetry breaking and the density pinch in global tokamak edge simulations 1 Dartmouth College
Zhu, Hongxuan Wave kinetics of drift-wave turbulence and zonal flows beyond the ray approximation 2 Princeton University